Last week we caught up with the young Nigerian born artist Kida Kudz at one of his recording sessions down at the Disturbing London Studios.

If you are not aware of Kida, you have definitely heard songs. His recent feature on Ms Banks song 'Snack' and solo project 'Jiggy Bop' is a taster of his afro infused sound that is like no other.

Kida Kudz rose to prominence back in 2010 as the winner of the second season of Peak Talent show in Nigeria.  His win on Peak Talent lead him to work with Mobo Award winning rapper Blakk Twang and other major artists in Lagos.

Being UK based Kida has now gone on to create his own sound, a darker, groove-orientated twist on Afrobeats called afroswank.

This year has been super busy for the young star and continues to show the work he has been putting in with an up and coming release with 'Godfather of Grime' Wiley, and is continuousl busy with upcoming appearances at festivals such as Afro nation, BBC 1xtra Ibiza,  Hype festival and more.

We sat down at his session to discuss his influence on making music and what the 'Jiggy Boyz Movement' stands for.

Who is Kida Kudz?

My name is Kida Kudz, real name Kayode Odesanya, I’m from Nigeria. I don’t think I can define myself 100 percent because there is a lot to me. I’m an Aquarius to start with. Aquarians are known for creating a lot of stuff, Birdman is an Aquarius, Kevin Gates who is a dope guy my manager is also an Aquarius. We are known for being alone as we like our own space, we don’t want to be a part of the crowd or follow trends, I like to set my own trends and not be in the mix with everyone else.

I also don’t like trying to fit in with a group of people who feel you have to be a certain way to be ‘cool’, I’d much rather be in my own little world creating my own stuff.

Kida Kudz is just that guy who does his own thing without meaning to ask for validation from any one. That is the whole movement for the ‘Jiggy Boyz’. Jiggy Boyz is you being solid by yourself without having to tell people - Because once you start to reach out for people’s opinions and thoughts, it waters down your own ideas you have in your head. I guess all in in all the best way to put it is I do whatever I like to do!

In terms of your music, how would you describe the roots of your inspiration?

My story is different to a lot of people, I’m not actually from London, but I live here. I’m from Nigeria and my roots is where the Afrobeat’s started. Fela Kuti he is the OG of Afrobeat’s started this, so my influence is very much from a lot of Fela, However, I didn’t play his stuff myself it was a case of there was a party outside my house with a lot of people blasting the music loud, and I would just be in my room vibe-ing to it. People are unaware but there isn’t just Fela who started the movement, we have major people in Nigeria just like Ebenezer Obey who has also influenced me.

I’m a 90’s baby so I also listened to a lot of Lil Wayne, he is the main reason I started making music, definitely Tupac as wel,l even though I wasn’t a super fan of Tupac as a young person. Being older I’ve had to do my research on him, as  I didn’t understand the depth of the message he was getting across. Even today I still watch documentaries about him to do my research, and on Biggie smalls too. I didn’t want to be ignorant to the message, I really like to know everything. 

People think I’m weird because there's a lot of 70s and 80s music on my playlist but looking at me as a person and my personality you would never guess it. on my journey here I was listening to The Temptations. This is what I listen to every day. I barely listen to new music apart from the music myself and my friends make. So imagine me listening to this type of music as an afro artist, going into the studio mixing these types of sounds, I end up making some crazy stuff. The combination is crazy and makes a sound no one has made. To be honest I am my biggest fan now because before I was making music that wasn’t necessarily me it was what people were telling me to make.

Eventually it just messed with me because I couldn’t make what I wanted to. I ended up taking a year off and just making music in my room, recording every day and I made the perfect sound which I call ‘Afro Jiggy’. No one else is making this. I know if anyone was to copy or use this sound, I wouldn’t even be mad because I know I made this sound! I’m not a superstar yet but I’m very much on the way to my goals."

You can find out more about Kida Kudz at @kidakudzgram and for all things n-studio follow @nstudio.nicce

July 31, 2019 — Adam Rushworth