It’s time to be stand up and be seen on the street - and trust us, you will be seen.

Reflective detailing rules this season’s eclectic mix of sportswear and heavy-duty workwear. Stone grey, loganberry, deep navy and white are punctuated by flashes of safety yellow and cobalt blue. Silhouettes begin to open up with the introduction of oversized fits. Think council workers meet the Gilet Jaunes.

Then, when the working day is over, sink into a raft of new, softer fabrics. From soft velour to brushed back fleece, this season also sees the introduction of knits, taking leisurewear to a whole new level.

We have reworked the classics and refined the winners, checkered our logo and developed a camouflage that is the opposite of hidden. All guaranteed to make sure you turn heads for all the right reasons. This collection is soft sport and hard work combined. Welcome to Winter.

NICCE Mens Deca Jacket | Cobalt Blue
NICCE Mens Calim Knit | Black
NICCE Mens Reflex Jogger | Black

NICCE Mens Utilita Shirt | Black
NICCE Mens Colum Shirt | Black 

NICCE Mens Deca Gilet | Black
NICCE Mens Panel Sweat | White
NICCE Mens Ace Neck Pouch Bag | Black


NICCE Mens Vela Track Jacket | Black
NICCE Mens Vela Track Pants | Black
NICCE Mens Maidan Gilet | Black
NICCE Mens Ace Neck Pouch Bag | Black  
NICCE Mens Deca Jacket | Reflective
NICCE Mens Adris Half Zip Top - Blue

NICCE Mens Maidan Jacket | Red 
NICCE Mens Maidan Gilet | Reflective 

NICCE Mens Original Hood | Blue 
NICCE Mens Champ Hood | Navy 

NICCE Mens Maidan Jacket | Black
NICCE Mens Casta Cagoule | Black
NICCE Mens Crate Hood | Red
NICCE Mens Original Logo Knit Jumper | Black 



July 29, 2019 — Adam Rushworth