Before we get stuck into sharing with you our story, we feel like right up front we need to answer the question that we get asked the most;  “How do you pronounce Nicce”.  The origins of the name Nicce came from playing with the phrase “Niiiice”, an expression of joy and support for others which was pretty prevalent in the early 2010s.  We added that extra ‘c’ to give it a ‘ch’ sound like in cappuccino, so we pronounce it ‘nee chee’, but ultimately, we don’t care how you pronounce it, as long as you enjoy it!

Nicce was founded in London in 2013 and was hugely influenced by the electronic music and Ibiza clubbing scene and we’ve grown to become renowned for offering high quality casual and streetwear ever since.  In the early days we were probably best known for our hoodies and joggers, but as we have reached new customers our range has grown to include t-shirts, coats and a wide range of underwear.  We’ve also developed a range of on trend women’s clothing with the same classics as our mens range in a more feminine cut and with the addition of that staple for every wardrobe, leggings.  Regardless of what your Nicce pick is, our signature look is to combine high quality fabrics in a range of classic as well as seasonal colours with the Nicce logo front and centre.

We sell directly to our customers through our website, but we also work with a range of hand selected retailers who are proud to stock Nicce both in-store and online, and who include:

House of Fraser

JD Sports



M&M Direct


We are also stocked in a range of trusted independent shops and boutiques

If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you so please feel free to hit us up on our contact us page

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