With the UK sound rising globally, we caught up with South London's Dotty to discuss his up and coming projects.
 1. Introduce yourself.

It’s your boy Dotty. I’m a musician from Thornton Heath, home of the greats.

2. I heard you have a new project dropping soon?

My new project ‘Love, Life & Lessons’, dropping in the next few months, is me back to my deep thoughts type vibe with a mixture of rapping and singing. I’ve got stories on there that any person growing up in a type of environments like me will be able to relate or be familiar with. Then on the other hand there’s songs on there that a directed towards women and the ups and downs that occur. VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING MUSIC!

3. How would you describe your sound? 

My sound is thought provoking, something that makes you want to listen as I paint pictures that you can see without images. Don’t get it twisted though my first project was called ‘London x Living Collection of Sounds’ because I wanted people to know that I can change my sound depending on my mood. I can’t be put in a box!


4. What exactly is ‘London x Living?

London X Living is the team, it’s the family, the clothing line, the record label! Every person in the team has a role whether its Fab & Jones with the clothing to myself and Hacko with the music plus many more. London X Living is a lifestyle! 


5. Which 5 items do you always carry with you for a performance? 

My phone, a bottle of water, the mandem, chewing gum and confidence lol

6. Where can we find you online? 

Instagram: Dotty_ldn

Twitter: Dottyldn

Youtube: Dotty

March 24, 2020 — Adam Rushworth