The world’s a pretty scary place to be right now. The anxiety you’re feeling, we feel it too. But in times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that we remain positive. Which is why for the foreseeable future, we’re ditching the second ‘C’. Because right now it’s not about NICCE, it’s about just being NICE. ⁣

Everyday we’re committed to bringing you something to make you smile. Whether it’s a fun, lighthearted bit of content, a giveaway or a DM with a surprise, we’re here to make your day a little bit better. In return, we ask you show the same kindness to each other. From something small like sending that message and checking in on a friend to the greatest act of all: staying at home, now is our time to work together. Stay home. Stay positive. #benice #nicce

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March 25, 2020 — sarah. leach