This Mental Health Awareness week we were joined by @benparkerfitness from @runna_coach for our first morning Run Club as a part of Nicce’s programme of lifestyle events within Mental Health Awareness Week. Aiming to bring together a range of abilities, the session allowed both new and experienced runners to come together and learn more about the sport.

 The Nicce community took part in a gentle 5km social run, which started from the flagship store on Carnaby Street and looped into Hyde Park. A local getaway from the bustle of Central London and enjoy the feel-good endorphins exercise can bring.

Ben shared his top tips for running, at all levels:

- Run on the balls of your feet to create a forward momentum
- Our arms and legs are synced to help us run faster, don’t forget to move your arms faster whilst keeping them at a 90 degree angle 
- Keep your chest facing forward and straight, it helps with breathing which can aid endurance

We’d like to thank @benparkerfitness for kickstarting our day and welcoming both our new and current Nicce community members.

Jogging and walking have proven popular activities for focus and boosting mood. Grab a mate and head to your local park to give it a try.

September 26, 2022 — Cariad Fiddy