Our sustainability aims:

  1. Targeting 80%+ of the product sold on nicceclothing.com to be responsibly made by 2025.
  2. Move the business towards NICCE AnyWear - our marker for all responsibly-made, functional apparel and an action-first brand platform.
  3. Plant 60,000+ trees worldwide with Eden Projects in 2022.

Fabric and Production

Across both our AnyWear range and wider NICCE collections, we are introducing recycled materials; organic cotton and alternative dying techniques that enables us to create a future-facing product line-up that you can't wait to wear!

What does this mean?

Organic Cotton

The cotton in your garment has been farmed or cropped without chemicals harmful to plant, people or the planet.

Recycled Materials

This piece of clothing has been made from at least 70% recycled yarns, created from recycling and reusing old plastic bottles.

Free from dye

Your item of clothing has not been dyed at any point in it’s creation; which means the fabric is the natural colour of the cotton plant and saves water and energy.

Natural Dye

Alongside Free from Dye, this technique allows us to save water and energy, by using natural plant extract for the dyeing process.

Factories and Manufacturers

To create NICCE AnyWear with the highest craft and function; we are working with factories who hold certification across recycling; eco; organic and ethical standards.

We produce our EarthCare Cotton in Turkey, where our partner is both GRS and GOTS certified. In China, where we create the AnyWear Activewear collection from recycled materials, our partner is GOTS and OKO-TEX certified.

Both factories have up-to-date factory audits in line with SMETA, which covers the ETI base-code.

At NICCE we are evolving how we work with Recycled material and organic fabric. It is important that we adhere to industry requirements and have ensured all product is crafted under a stringent set of guidelines. We choose to work with partners who have this certification in place and ensure the health and safety of all workers who help bring our product to life.

What does this mean?


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a third party certification of Recycled content against a set of requirements. It verifies responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in the production of Recycled content.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a set of standards that stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials.


Representing the product labels and company certifications issued and other services provided by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology (which also calls itself Oeko-Tex for short).


Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is an ethical audit which encompasses all aspects of responsible business practice. It provides greater visibility into the supply chain and independent verification of ethical compliance.

Clothing, Labels and Packaging

While crafting our high-quality, functional apparel we also pay attention to how we present our features to the customer. You will find tags and labels across each garment that share both technical and instructional information, important for both your purchase and care.

As we continue to explore alternative and sustainable methods for presenting this detail, not all tags and labels are made from recycled or organic content. We are researching new methods and are actively applying these to our products going forward.

Within our AnyWear collection our tags are made from 100% bamboo, a fantastic regenerative material. We will not be replacing old labels or tags with new recycled versions on items that are already available for sale, to avoid wastage.

At NICCE, it’s also important to us that we provide you with responsible options not just in our clothing, but also our packaging.

What does this mean?

What does this mean?

Bamboo Tags on AnyWear Range

Within our AnyWear collection our tags are made from 100% bamboo, a fantastic regenerative material. We will not be replacing old labels or tags with new recycled versions on items that are already available for sale, to avoid wastage.

What does this mean?

100% recycled LDPE bags

To ensure your new clothing arrives in top condition, we package it up safely in polybags made from 100% Recycled LDPE – that’s low density poly-filling ethylene. It’s an eco-friendly material, sourced from pre-consumer plastic waste and can be recycled itself after use, too.

What does this mean?

Recycled FCA approved card and paper

All our online orders are now being shipped in FCA approved recycled paper packaging. This can be easily recycled after your order is delivered. The ink used on these bags is water based - making it less harmful to the environment.

Our in store bags are also made from recycled FCA approved card and can be re-used and recycled again!

Sustainability Partners

Our commitment to creating a more sustainable future for NICCE and our customer includes providing support with, and for, our partners: Eden Projects and reGAIN.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Through our continued partnership with Eden Project, we are helping them to reforest the environments of indigenous populations as part of Eden Reforestation Projects. We pledge to plant a tree with every order placed on nicceclothing.com.

In 2021, Eden employed thousands of people in desperate need of fair and consistent income who came and worked together to plant roughly 350 millions new trees in deforested areas of Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Central America, Brazil, and Kenya. Eden’s long-term goal is to plant 50 billion trees by 2030.

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reGAIN App

Donate your pre-loved NICCE clothing to charity with reGAIN. By giving your old clothes a new home, you can access exclusive discount to nicceclothing.com. With several ways to donate, it’s never been easier.

Help us keep clothing away from landfill and reward recycling.

We believe it is not just about the choices we make at NICCE, but ensuring our customers have the opportunity to contribute and make a difference through wider sustainability programmes.

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