A collaboration to create an accessories capsule collection, made from waste in the automotive industry.

The first iteration of our partnering has breathed new life into what is traditionally understood as waste. Introducing the NICCE AB.01 Backpack and NICCE AB.01 Crossbody Bag, launching April 2023.


A car airbag that is used once, cannot be used again. NICCE and Ethilution are bringing a circular mindset to waste and have up-cycled the material to raise awareness of sustainability and innovate within fashion.

The bags have been designed to fulfil both style and functional needs of the wearer:

  • Constructed from repurposing used airbags, chip foam off-cuts and quilting off-cuts
  • Adjustable straps, with clips and drawstring features
  • Multiple storage solutions through hidden zipper & drawstring pockets and laptop/tablet sleeves
  • Water resistant

To note, each bag will be a slightly different colour and unique in design - resulting from the material used. The product trims and fasteners have been donated from leftover production within NICCE’s business, to avoid creating anew.

The capsule collection will be available to purchase online in April. Each bag is limited edition, with a limited run created.

NICCE AB.01 Backpack £140.00 
NICCE AB.01 Crossbody Bag £100.00

We worked with creators to capture both the crossbody bag and backpack, styled for active lifestyles.  


NICCE are on a journey to becoming a more responsible company, for our people and planet. Find out more about sustainability at NICCE. 

Ethilution breathes new life into the discarded, redesigning waste into accessories. Together we are challenging the preconceived idea that items that have had their intended use are finished.

April 25, 2023 — Cariad Fiddy