A year ago, the world locked down and getting outside became more important to us than ever. To celebrate the launch of our new collection, and as part of our ongoing partnership with the London based biking community Bikestormz, we headed out with riders Kai, Liam, Ree and Danz as they explore the great outdoors together. 

Shot on the streets surrounding our headquarters in Bethnal Green, East London, and the contrasting woodland of Epping Forest, the campaign explores themes of finding space out of lockdown, exploring surroundings, and the power of community.

From concrete high-rises to the contrasting open spaces of woodland, the campaign follows the group interacting with their environments, and sharing the experience together. Spotlighting four BikeStormz members as they adventure around London for the day on their bikes, a common ground that has brought them together, we hear from founder Mac Ferrari-Guy about the positive impact and power of the Bikestormz community. 

“What Bikestormz has done for the young people I’ve seen over the last 6 years is give them a sense of belonging. It’s so much more than just riding. The bikes are a way to hang out, to talk, to connect, they are another way to communicate. It isn't just a ride. It’s not just about bikes, it's a way people can create a different future for themselves.”

Following the campaign launch, we will continue to support BikeStormz community through N-Studio – our not for profit creative platform. “They see our potential and they believe that everyone deserves a chance, no matter their past. All of this, will help them open more doors and open up more opportunities for the guys. Give them more tools. I’m gassed about this collaboration because it’s even more proof to the boys that they can make their dreams happen.” 



 Ash Shirt (Coming Soon) and Ash ShortsMaiden Jacket | Aerial Box Hood | Truman Shorts 

Beanie    |    Trail Star Cagoule Jacket  

Ash Hood    |   Beanie    |    Ash Shirt (coming soon)

Lima Hood in Spearmint    |    Ash Jog Shorts


Mercury Hood in Spearmint   |  Myriad Swim Shorts 




BikeStormz is the biggest youth ride out in the UK and Europe, promoting positivity and peace amongst young people. It is an event that brings young people together from different boroughs and cities across the UK and Europe to ride through the City of London in unity, using bicycles and a unique style of riding as a common ground to protest against violent crime. With the mantra ‘Knives Down, Bikes Up’, Bikestormz is supported by the authorities and the ride outs have the backing of the police, the local council and the London Mayors Office.

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March 11, 2021 — sarah. leach