Meet Olivia Suleimon aka Yemisul A DJ, Presenter, Creative all rounder! Who is originally from Sydney and has been in London the last few years. Since being in London she has conquered the night life, djing at events such as Living Proof and for brands such as Flannels & Puma.

1. How has your transition been moving away from your home town?

Transitioning from Sydney was relatively easy. I had always wanted to get away and had dreams of living overseas. I knew there was a big world out there and I felt so far away from it in Australia.
I did struggle for the first time during the bush fires, I could see all my friends back home posting about it, and it hurt to be so far away and have no idea what it was like.

2. You are now in LA after a short time in London, what made you move again and do you see yourself coming back to London?

This move was for a job, it happened very quickly and suddenly. I'm really enjoying myself here and I like the adventure of moving again. I want to make it work, but I also love London so i'm open to both.

3. Which country has been the easiest to delve straight into work?

London, this might be because I was determined to make it work no matter what. It took about 18months for me to completely land on my feet and feel some what secure.

4. Which one of your talents do you intend on developing the most this year?

Filmmaking. This year I've decided I'm going to make a film and I'm going to practise the craft by shooting and editing stories together with all of my home videos from the past year.

5. Whilst travelling what are the 5 key objects you MUST bring with you?


6. Lastly where can everyone find you online?

@yemisul on instagram
Yemisul TV on Youtube to have a stickbeak

February 26, 2020 — Naomi Spooner