Meet YBE (Young Boss Entertainment), the official Hosts & DJ’s for J HUS & Young T and Bugsey. They also hold their own show on Reprezent radio, and on top of they throw parties! We managed to catch up with them during their busy schedule to see what they have coming up for 2020. Make sure to keep an eye out for them this festival season…


1. Introduce yourselves for those who may not know you.

DJ Banks DJ Billz and DJ Skrillz collectively known as YBE (Young Boss Entertainment). An entertainment group who specialise in deejaying, hosting and event organising. We are also the official deejays for J Hus and Young T & Bugsey. We started our business in 2012 so have been a team for 8 years and counting.

2. How does it work being a trio, in terms of going b2b or does one host at a time?

Being a trio is absolutely wonderful. All we do is ‘flex’. Our structure on stage whilst performing changes depending on what sort of function it is. Usually we would have one of us deejaying and two of us on the stage hosting. We tend to rotate - however, we usually get carried away and just keep on going, flex.

3. What has been the biggest obstacle for you so far as a collective?

To be honest, we all come from the same background/culture. It’s extremely strict in terms of education and our siblings. Our other relatives have graduated meaning for us going to university was an absolute must for our parents.

Two of us attended university, however we left in our second year to pursue what we’re doing now. One of us didn’t go, so having to tell our families that we wanted to be international deejays instead of studying business or construction was probably our hardest challenge.

4. How did you become DJ’s to J hus & Young T and Bugsey?

We been good friends with J Hus from when we were young. We all grew up in the same area (Stratford) and Billz attended the same secondary school as him. When Hus wanted to take music seriously he came to us for advice and help with finding a studio and producer so we introduced him to Jae5. After that he wanted us to be his official deejays and the rest is history. Young T & Bugsey, those are our homies man! We became their deejays via our management 2kmngt but we’ve also felt their music and vibe in person and vice versa so it was only right that we linked up!

5. What has been your highlight so far, fave booking?

Banks: Compozers Headline show was my personal favourite as the Compozers have been around before we even knew they were the compozers. We’ve seen them at loads of different family functions and didn’t even know it was them making noise in the scene, vice versa. After a while we began to get to know eachother and started supporting however we still hadn’t seen eachother perform live. When the composers were having their headline show in Brixton they called us to perform. The whole show was a complete and utter shelling but having our family members and friends there to share the experience was one to remember.

Skrillz : The Nigeria show, J Hus’ and my individual set in Nigeria. Skepta was also performing later that night and was amazed by my set, so he called him last min and asked me to deejay his set. Since that day we’ve called the Nigeria show ‘The Bird Call’. I’ve been a very big fan of Skepta for as long as I can remember so the fact that he enjoyed my set and even called me to deejay for him was overwhelming.

Billz: Common sense Tour (London) was the biggest crowd we had played to in London so far. It was also Hus’ first performance on a big stage in London so it was goose bumps all around as we were performing to thousands of people in our home town. The turn out was so crazy and all our family members and friends were also there which contributed to such an amazing vibe and experience. The night was just so crazy, so much positive energy, spiritual.

6. When can someone next see you playing out?

We play quite a lot in all the Boxparks however our next YBE event will be at the end of March, all relevant details will be on our socials. Tune into Reprezent radio (107.3) on a Wednesday from 16:00 pm - 19:00 pm for our #YBETripleThreatShow in order to hear our sound and to keep up to date with what we’ve got coming up also.

7. What 5 items do you always keep in your bag when you head to a set?

1. Laptop & laptop charger

2. Hard drive

3. Midi cable & RCA cables

4. Phone charger

5. Vaseline ! (It’s not a dry lip ting sorry)

8. What are your 2020 plans? What do you have coming up?

We’re trying to build the greatest empire within music entertainment, different from other types e.g. film & theatre. When you look at the Argos catalogue you can search for and purchase practically anything you need house hold related. We aim to be similar to the Argos catalogue however just a catalogue of entertainment, music entertainment to be precise. In other words, we are building an empire in the music industry to start with including Hosts, deejays, event managers, producers, A&Rs and so on.

For now our main focus will be creating the most unique events out there and to also focus on making and releasing music under our brand. Our Radio show is also something we want to take further this year.

If we explain everything we have coming up we’ll be here all day and also ruin the surprises we’ve got for you… Just know the army is rising and were taking over and securing every bag there is to be secured!

9. Lastly where can we find you?

Twitter: @YBE_3

- @DJSkrillzYBE

- @DjBillzYBE

- @DJbanksybe


- ybe.3

- Dj_skrillz

- Djbillzybe

- Djbanks_ybe


You can also find the latest Guest Mix provided by YBE here!


February 24, 2020 — Naomi Spooner