From bedroom to Bethnal, streetwear label NICCE is celebrating 10 years on the scene. The neighbourhood brand takes a look back on a decade of passion, creativity and commitment.

Established in 2013, NICCE emerged out of a summer spent in Ibiza by founder Mitch and friends. Inspired by the creativity of the island, they decided too to break boundaries and believed in an opportunity to bridge fashion and music. Surrounded by ambition, good music and a network of supporters – NICCE was born.

Did you know? 💡

The brand name derived from the go-to phrase amongst friends: “Niiiiiice”. Used to signify appreciation and support for others. A quick play around with the letters and they quickly set on NICCE.

Now, there’s a lot of discussion around how you pronounce NICCE and we welcome them all. Up at HQ, you’ll hear us use “nee-chee” (think “peachy”). 10 years later and no one still quite knows!

Back in the UK and the summer dream didn’t get left behind. Fuelled by the traction around the brand back on the white island, the NICCE team got straight to work setting up in a Hackney bedroom and continuing to handout self-printed t-shirts to artists, DJs and their community.

Within the year, the brand was popular within youth audiences and grew distribution with UK retailers, expanding in styles whilst launching their first website. Exploding onto the scene, NICCE leaned into its London identity to cut through and win over exciting emerging talent from the music and DJ world.

By the mid-2010s, NICCE was finding new ways to reach its audience – popping up with a retail store in Shoreditch, alongside events with music artists. DJ Skream joined at one of the popular East London nights, with an iconic DJ set, and music artists took over with album listening parties with Yung Fume and Novelist.

Music and community remained at the core of the brand, with continued support for grassroots talent. In 2018 they moved to Bethnal Green Road, partnering with artist Joshua Vides to design the building and the team opened a recording studio inside the office!

Over this time, NICCE ramped up International efforts, diversified their collections, collaborated with designers including Mary Lou and Boy Long and capitalized on the casual streetwear movement. Trending styles included the Vind jacket, festival season accessories are always a hit, and the brand moved towards a sustainable future, including collaborations with Lydia Bolton and Ethilution.

With equal measure graft and good times, it’s a testament to everyone involved that we get to celebrate 10 years of NICCE.  

Looking ahead? NICCE continues to put its community first and retain that lively, neighbourhood spirit we’ve all grown to love. And in the background, we’re already prepping ourselves for the next 10 and beyond. Whether it’s an emerging sound, new designer, or a bedroom project; we’re here to celebrate all forms of neighbourhood creativity.



Established in 2013

Inspired by street culture





July 31, 2023 — Rob McKenzie