Introducing COME UP: a chance for N-Studio to shine a light on emerging creatives who our shaping our next generation. In our first project we spoke to SLOCAL, a collective of musicians and artists working together to make waves across the globe. 
Meet Slocal, a music and street culture brand with a global network of musicians and creatives across various disciplines. Each connected to the undercurrent of subcultures in their respective cities and each adhering to the SLOCAL mantra and definition.

Slocal have been shaping the culture in the UK and around the world (and we really mean around the world from Berlin, Amsterdam to Dubai), from throwing events, creating music and collaborating with the likes of crepe city, Soledxb and having radio slots on Rinse fm. You can count on Slocal to connect the dots for like minded people worldwide.

We caught up with the founding members It’s Nate, Chennessy & Cr blacks down at N-Studio  whilst they were recording their guest mix.

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ItsNate & Cr Blacks: SLOCAL is a constant pursuit of progress, a mindset that’s turned into a movement and a multifaceted lifestyle that plays by its own rules. It’s also an independent label and an events brand.

Who is in SLOCAL

Cr Blacks: core members, ItsNate, Chennessy, CR Blacks, 10k A, Durell, but we got family all over the globe!

What music is out at the moment from Slocal and where can we listen?

Chennessy & ItsNate: So much music out there, CR Blacks just dropped a summer banger All For Me, ItsNate Just dropped an EP More to Come And Lots Do 2, Chennessy got music in the stash and it’s all on every streaming service out there. As far as production: Airborn Gav - Not Like Them, Airborn Gav - Can't Love You, Jesse Elvis - Let's Not plus a few gems on the official SLOCAL Soundcloud.Got two two guest verses on the mandem's projects as well.

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What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?

Chennessy: When we did the SLOCAL sock drop on IG - we gave our supporters a chance to get their pair of SLOCAL socks delivered to them on the same day, personally from a SLOCAL member - all they had to do was place their order via the SLOCAL hotline which was on for a short limited time.
Event wise - SLOCAL at Dubai for SOLE DXB was pretty epic.
What is next for Slocal?

Cr Blacks: A lot more music, events, radio shows, features, clothing, concerts, business ventures etc…A lot of good things in the works!!

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Where can we find you what’s your social media handles? Soundcloud ect?

You can find us on the following accounts -

@Godblesschennessy - IG
@Godblesschen - Twitter
@ItsNateItsnate - IG
@CR_Blacks - IG
@Slocalldn - IG & Soundcloud

You can watch the full COME UP video on the Nicce Youtube Channel below.  

May 31, 2019 — sarah. leach