• Always follow the washing instructions on the product care label
  • Wash your clothes inside out to protect the garment and prints/embroidered
  • Group your laundry by similar colours, whites & darks as well as similar washing instructions
  • Follow the washing temperature on the care label, this is the highest permitted temperature. If unsure, always was at a low temperature (30c)
  • Use mild detergent
  • Air dry your clothes
  • Always iron your clothes inside out


  • Avoid using too much detergent
  • Do not use fabrics which contain bleach
  • Do not leave your clothes to dry in direct sunlight, this will alter the colour
  • Do not iron prints or embellishments (this may cause them to crack) 
  • Do not leave garments with white and contrast coloured panels soaking for prolonged periods
  • Garments with metal trims should not be left to soak
April 12, 2021 — Help Centre
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